A downloadable game for Windows

Help out Chai, a pink blob alien, reach the goal of each level in this otherworldly and colorful puzzle-platformer by using your power to rewind time and record your actions!


X/B or Left Shift to Rewind

A/Y or Space Bar to Jump

Mouse or Right Analogue Stick to Rotate Camera

LB or R to Restart, though you should try Rewinding first!

The game was developed in 7 days for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2. All art, code and music was developed by us except for these free to use assets:

- UnityURPUnlitScreenSpaceDecalShader, https://github.com/ColinLeung-NiloCat/UnityURPUnlitScreenSpaceDecalShader/blob/m...

- Swish - Gulpy Noise from the 99 Sound Effects collection, https://99sounds.org/free-sound-effects/

- sfx_sounds_impact8 and sfx_movement_jump from The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection, https://opengameart.org/content/512-sound-effects-8-bit-style


Leonardo Temperanza: Programmer, Level Designer

Niccolò Temperanza: Environment & Character Artist, Composer, UI & Level Designer

Tim Ogunmakin: Playtester


The Adventures of Chai (Windows).zip 31 MB


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Is The camera supposed to spin all the time or did i mess something up cause I think I messed something up kek

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It's definitely not supposed to. No one that I know has encountered this issue, so it might be a really rare bug. If restarting the game doesn't fix the issue, since the game picks up input from both the right analogue stick of the controller and the mouse, if you're playing with a mouse and keyboard I'd recommend unplugging any controller. Let me know if you managed to fix the issue.

I am gonna try and reinstall the game

Cause this game looks really cool and I really want to play it );

Did it work? After looking into the matter further, there might be an issue with the joystick inputs on your end (maybe the controller's right stick doesn't function propertly or perhaps the deadzone is not configured properly). Virtual joysticks also seem to cause a lot of issues. I'll definitely try to update the game when the jam is over to address this!

Very nice. I found the rewind mechanic a bit confusing at first but I got used to it 

Hey liul, thanks a lot for playing, so happy you enjoyed it! :D

If you're part of the jam then we would love if you could leave a comment or a rating over there! ^^


Thanks again!